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Update on recent spoofing emails attack

Alert: Fake Noark Electric emails are being sent to our customers and distributors. Be wary of spoofing emails attack.

Dear customers,

Recently, we detected spoofing emails (more about spoofing here) sent to some of our customers and distributors. The attackers are using publicly accessible email addresses and fake the sender's address to mislead the recipient.
We recommend taking the following steps to ensure the security:
  • Delete any emails from with Michael Reiner as the sender. These emails are not from Noark or any of its current employee. They were sent by a malicious third party and contain a link to malware spam.
  • Ignore any phone calls which are not managed by your current NOARK contact person.
  • Do not click the link and/or install malicious code.
  • Ensure your anti-virus software is enabled and up to date.

We apologize in advance for such an uncomfortable situation and we ensure you that we are working on the quick solution.

Thank you for your understanding and support

Kind regards

Noark Electric