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Two series of new energy meters by NOARK

The Ex9EM (basic) and Ex9EMS (smart) one and three phase meters was designed for residential and industrial applications, everywhere where it is needed to count consumed energy. The biggest advantage is mounting on DIN rails inside consumer units.

The demand for accurate information on the consumption of electric power is increasing. This is related in particular to the recent development of automatic data reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), the use of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, but also to a much greater control of energy consumption in industrial plants and in households in general. NOARK recently launched brand new products to its portfolio – two series of high quality energy meters that meet all of these requirements.

Basic series for accurate measurement

The Ex9EM series of energy meters consists of total six types with different parameters for competitive price. With one exception, they are all designed for traditional measurement applications not requiring advanced functions.  

The Ex9EM series have the following common characteristics:

  • Comply with international standards EN 62052-11 (Electricity metering equipment (AC)) and EN 62053-21 (Static meters for active energy - Classes 1 and 2).
  • Operating voltage 230/400 AC
  • Measures fixed rated current or current adjustable by current transformer
  • Available in versions for 1 tariff or for multi-tariff
  • The measured values are displayed either on the LCD or on the traditional mechanical register
  • Come in one or four modules width - all mounted on DIN rails

The highly-sophisticated type Ex9EM 1P 1M 80A MO MT stands out from the base line, the only one offering multi-tariff mode and RS485-ModBus communication which can read and display the following variables: kWh, active energy, reactive energy and active power.

Smart energy meters for more demanding applications

In addition to the functions contained in the basic models, series of smart energy meters Ex9EMS brings various advanced features. In each module width (smart energy meters are available in 1, 2 or 4 module width versions) there are energy meters allowing optional M-Bus or ModBus communication capabilities for automatic data reading (ADR) purposes. This fast-growing technology enabling transferring data to a central database for billing, analyzing and troubleshooting mainly saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read an energy meter. Another advantage is that billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption. This timely information coupled with analysis can help both utility providers and customers better control the use and production of electric energy.

New NOARK smart energy meters are all equipped with an LCD display with infrared eye for easy setting up and maintenance (the required software can be downloaded from NOARK website: ).  These meters comply with accuracy class international norm EN 50470-1/3 and all are MID certified. The MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) approval is the European set of standards for active electricity meters that are used for billing purposes. MID certified meters are officially examined and certified by an authorized independent quality testing institute.

The range of new NOARK energy meters is complemented by wide range of solid core and split core current transformers. Their purpose is in measuring primary current and produce proportional secondary current signal.

All NOARK energy meters and current transformers comply with the CE conformity declaration and come with a 5-year warranty.