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Durable fiberglass distribution boards from NOARK

In case you are looking for heavy duty electric distribution board, the right solution is offered by electrical specialist NOARK. Newly introduced fiberglass distribution boards FHS series are designed for the most demanding indoor and outdoor conditions. Just take only one in your hands and you can be sure that it will last forever under almost any circumstances.

Fiberglass, or more precisely glass reinforced plastics, is immensely versatile material due to its light weight, inherent strength and weather-resistant finish. Among other things, it is used for manufacturing of ship hulls, car bodywork, pipelines, chemical storage tanks etc. New distribution boards FHS produced by NOARK are built for severe, corrosive or chemically infused environments. They are suitable for example for thermal and photovoltaic plants, cement plants, mineral oil extraction plants, nuclear plants and laboratories, commercial and exhibition activities, airports, railway and underground facilities and other heavy duty uses. FHS distribution boards provide the flexibility required allowing engineers to design a functional distribution system that protects the electrical installation in a compact, modern enclosure even in harsh conditions. As part of NOARK’s commitment to premium quality, all of fiberglass distribution boards FHS come with a 5-year warranty.

Distribution boards FHS produced in light grey RAL 7035 color are in conformity with EN 62208 international standard. They fulfill IP66 degree of protection (from total dust ingress and from high pressure water jets from any direction) and are resistant to UV rays. Impact resistance class IK10 guarantees that the switchboard will last impact of 5kg mass dropped from 400mm above impacted surface. The ambient temperature in which the cabinet can be used is in the range of minus 30 to plus 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, the cabinet is also highly resistant to all chemical substances.

The FHS system is composed of 7 sizes from 260 x 305 x 160 mm up to 850 x 1060 x 350 mm (external dimensions) with blind door which allows easy access due to the opening wider than 180°. The board special design makes this series of products very wide and spacious. The robust internal steel mounting frame for modular devices with clipping system for easy mounting and setting to the board enables that the wiring can be done on the bench, out of the board or directly inside the board.

Fiberglass distribution boards FHS product catalog includes a wide range of accessories to facilitate wiring and installation of modules.

 All accessories are divided into three groups according to their purpose – distribution, automation and other.

Working with individual components is similar to LEGO creative building kit. It is fast, efficient and it saves effort and money. For every electrician, working with this system is a perfect joy.