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Article: Control and signal panel mounted devices by Noark Electric

Nearly every electrical installation requires certain interface to its users. The simplest, but most common, general and straightforward solution is utilization of panel mounted control and signal devices.

Nearly every electrical installation requires certain interface to its users. The simplest, but most common, general and straightforward solution is utilization of panel mounted control and signal devices.

Noark electric releases three new product lines in the scope of panel mounted devices portfolio. They are intended for wide variety of applications, from signalization of status in simple power distribution boards up to command and control functions in complex industrial systems.


General overview

The assortment is split into three product lines. For basic signalisation applications, there are intended compact signal lamp line Ex9IL and compact buzzers Ex9PB. As the description notes, one of the main features of these product line is their compact design. Under single article, customer always gets a complete device without necessity of any configuration.

The signal lamps Ex9IL are designed with degree of protection IP65. It allows installation also in e.g. manufacturing or processing buildings. The lamps are offered with two shapes of transparent cover – flat and arced, see Fig 1.

Fig. 1 Two shape variants of compact signal lamps Ex9IL.

 Based on operational voltage, there are used two principal internal connection variants. For voltage range from 6 up to 48 V, the lamps are designed as resistive types. It brings simple design and possibility of operation at both AC and DC. For voltage levels from 110 up to 400 V, there is used capacitance connection. It rapidly reduces consumption and thus also power loss dissipation. All variants of lamps are produced with white, green, red, yellow and blue transparent covers to provide all necessary colours for potential applications.

The compact buzzers Ex9PB bring acoustics signalization possibility. To allow the sound to leave the device in forward direction, the device cover is moulded with openings. This feature limits degree of protection to IP30.

Fig. 2. Compact buzzer Ex9PB.

There are available two types and two variants of the buzzer. The type is defined by the character of the sound, and is either continuous or interrupted. The variant feature depends on the fact, if the device consists of buzzer only or there is integrated also lamp. The buzzers are available for voltage levels from 24 to 400 V.

The third line of panel mounted devices has designation Ex9P1. It is a modular system which allows to create various configurations including e.g. function of push button with momentary or maintained feature, rotary and key switches, signal lamps, illuminated switches and many others.

Fig. 3 Basic overview of Ex9P1 system.

In brief, the assortment can be divided into three kinds of elements. The first one, common for all combinations, is basement part Ex9P1 B3. There is mounted particular device head from the front side. From the back side, there are installed function elements, i.e. up to three units of contact blocks and LED module in case of transparent head with illumination is requested. This modular concept allows customers to have maximum functions available with minimum volume of stock.

The system is designed to reach degree of protection IP65 again. The contact units can serve for rated voltages up to 415 VAC with current of 3 A at most common voltage of 230 VAC. The LED modules are offered for voltages from 6 to 230 V. Thanks to coloured both transparent covers as well as LEDs, there is reached very clear colour tone.


Function and design

During designing of Ex9P1 modular systems, not only function features were taken into account. As these devices are usually mounted on a front panel of distribution board or machine, their visual appearance matters. That is why all single standard size heads are produced of Aluminium alloy which provides decent but attractive design, with mechanical durability.

The function of the devices is chosen by the device head first. There can be selected heads for function of signal lamp only, single or double pushbuttons with or without illumination possibility, two or three-way rotary switches or key switches, all with maintained or momentary configuration or special mushroom heads for emergency stop applications.

Final version is defined by selection also of functional element. There are NO and NC contact units as well as LED modules available. The heads without illumination possibility are intended for 1 up to three contact units. The illuminated variants can be equipped with 1 or 2 contact units and one LED module. Alternatively, there can be used third contact unit instead of LED module by means of adapter Ex9P1 MC.

Fig. 4 Combinations of functional elements of Ex9P1 system.


Utilization accessories

The assortment of panel mounted devices is accompanied with wide range of utilization accessories. Signal and control devices may need a marking of their function or intent. For this purpose, there is available label holder Ex9P1 S SH. It can be equipped with labels Ex9P1 S Sxx. A customer can select from predefined variants, or order customized ones. For emergency applications, there are also available yellow stickers with symbols or warning texts in various languages. All these labels can be used directly when hold by the device frame or easily stuck on the panel due to its self-adhesive feature.




Fig. 5 Marking accessories of panel mounted devices.

Noark´s metal enclosures of lines MFF and MFS can be ordered with special variant of front panels which are pre-cut for easy installation of panel mounted devices Ex9P1, Ex9IL, and Ex9PB.


Other information and news can be found at and in respective product catalogues and brochures.